About Us

Evergreen Escapes

Cascadia’s most reputable nature, adventure and epicurean tour operator, Evergreen Escapes specializes in providing authentic local experiences led by expert “Escape Artist” naturalist guides in a fleet of Mercedes vehicles that immerse our guests into the region’s mountains, islands, waterways, culture, farms, fare, brew and wine.


Whatever the pursuit—bird watching, hiking, sea kayaking, cycling, snowshoeing, rock climbing or wine tasting—your escape is creatively designed and executed with a commitment to environmental and social sustainability combined with the comfort of scrumptious northwest “Cascadian Safari” meals, fine local wine and luxe lodges.

Contact us for a tailor made private charter designed specifically for small groups, families, couples and independent travelers. Or hop on board one of our pre-scheduled trips offered daily.  Our escapes offer a rare flexibility of itinerary that can traverse the magnificent contrasts of mountains, rainforest, islands, and coastlines of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

Evergreen Escapes International

ice_caveExplore the greater Northwest, or experience International travel from a local perspective in areas such as Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Latin America, Iceland and Greenland, the Polar Regions and Africa. Your options are endless, with Evergreen Escapes International. Our mission is to is to design authentic and sustainable travel experiences to the most inspiring corners of the planet, providing our clients with unforgettable adventures that are both quintessential yet unique to the destination.

Contact us to start planning your next adventure to one of our select destinations around the globe.

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